Pen-style LED Curing Light

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Elitedent Q-6
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    Key Features



       Ergonomic Handpiece. Corded type can be integrated into dental unit for counter space saving.

       Typical light-energy output 1,000~1,300 mW/cm²; Light intensity rarely declines;

       Fast curing, 5-second to polymerize 2-mm-thick composite specimen;

       Metal housing and luxury feature for better durability.

       Autoclavable and interchangeable light guide. Different diameter light tip optional.

       Time selection preset: High energy output at 5, 10 seconds, and ramp up mode.

       Two button easy operation,

       Quiet operation, fan-free design.



    - Wavelength: 440~480nm;

    - Typical light intensity output: 1,000~1,300 mW/cm²;

    - Power input: 100~240V AC 50/60Hz;

    - Time to fully charge battery: Approx. 3 hours

    - Handpiece dimension: 270mm (L) x 25mm diameter; Weight: 200g

    - Charging base dimension: 70mm (H) x 100mm diameter; Weight: 260g


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