Dental Instruments Pen-style dental LED curing light

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Elitedent Q-4
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    Key Features

    Please do not take light-curing for granted!
    Lower light intensity may cause insufficient adhesion of bonding material, poor polymerization of resin-based composite which may result in fracture, micro-leakage, sensitivity, and recurrent caries, unable to resist wear in function, unable to be polished, unable to maintain their luster and color.
    Choose a high-energy output curing light to improve Clinical Results through Light-Curing!
    A high light-energy device in hand is the key to ensure the quality and durability of the restorations when light-curing resin adhesives, resin-based composites, resin cements, and other light-activated restorative materials.
    Advantage of Rolence curing light - Elitedent Q-4:
    - 1,400 mW/cm2 light intensity output; light energy rarely declines.
    - 5 seconds can cure a 2-mm-thick resin composite specimen,
    - Autoclavable Curing tip rotates 360°for curing at any position of mouth,
    - Versatile fiber optic curing tip optional,
    - Digital timer display, multiple mode selection,
    - Two button easy operation,
    - Quiet operation, fan-free design,
    - Can be used both cordless and corded,
    - Rechargeable lithium battery inside supports at least 200 cycles 10 second exposure when being fully charged
    - Slim and ergonomic handpiece for most comfortable hand-holding.


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    Pen-style dental LED curing light
    USD 400.00-400.00
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    Teeth Bleaching Lamp
    USD 1,000.00-1,000.00
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