Dental Instruments Broad-band wavelength LED Curing Light

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Ultra-Lite 1800E Dual
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    Key Features

    Choose the high-energy output curing light to improve Clinical Results through Light-Curing!


    Product advantages: 

       Incorporates blue and violet LEDs to achieve broad-band wavelength range of 390~480nm output to polymerize virtually all the light-activated dental material in the market. (specially designed for those glass-ionomer, compromer, PPD containing materials )

       High light-energy output 2,100 mW/cm²; Polymerize a 3-mm-thick composite resin specimen just in 3 seconds.

       Light energy rarely declines (< 90 mW/cm² per year); A durable choice indeed.

       With 2 lithium batteries, always a backup battery for replacement.

       4 Modes preset: (Constant high, low, ramp up, and cycle curing for orthodontics)

       Interchangeable and autoclavaeble light tip rotates 360˚ to access any curing part of mouth.

       Versatile fiber optic curing tips in different diameter are available. 

       A built-in light checker in the charging base.


    Payment Details

    • Minimum Order:1 Piece(s)


    Small Order Recommendation

    Pen-style dental LED curing light
    USD 400.00-400.00
    Free Shipping
    Teeth Bleaching Lamp
    USD 1,000.00-1,000.00
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