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    Key Features

     Rolence Tray-LED consists of 12 LED chips as light-source and a drawer for in-and-out of impression tray; LED light-source features extremely long life time and stable light-energy exposure (rarely declines). Its effective wavelength range is from 380~420nm (Peak 405nm). It is intended to be used by dental professionals to polymerize light-activated impression tray.


    The product also features:

       Digital timer display: timer selection from 10 seconds to 9:50 maximum. 10 second interval of each setting

       Widend chamber, capable of 2 trays maximum at the same time.

       A high-performance cooling fan prevents the chamber from extra heat.

       Safty switch functions to interupt light emmiting in order to protect operator.

       Light-energy intensity over 8.0 mW/cm², much higher than that of competitors (tytically 4.0 mW/cm²).

       Smaller dimesion in overall for optimal counter space saving.

       Audible beeping notice when curing process is completed.




    Dimension: 200mm(W) x 216mm (D) x 150 (H); weight: 3.3 kg

    Power input: 100~240 VAC 50/60 Hz; Wattage consumption: 65 W Max.

    Wavelength: 390~410nm (peak 405nm)

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    • Minimum Order:1 Piece(s)


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